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Transitioning To Alternative Payment Models

RRP $287.99

This book's goal is to offer medical practice leadership teams practical guidance on navigating the shift from volume-based to value-based managed care contractual relationships. Medical practices - both independent and affiliated - that understand how their organization can and should position themselves for the future will have a significant advantage over the competition. Honestly identifying where you are and defining where you want to be begins with developing a clear understanding of national and local market dynamics, identifying potential arrangements within your local market and applying those factors to your organization's goals. This exercise can ultimately inform your value proposition, which becomes the cornerstone of your managed care contracting strategy. The book will cover in detail the most common alternative payment models and what your practice should do to prepare for this transition. Models detailed include: Pay for performance Bundled payments Shared savings Capitation

A Grammar Of Jamul Tiipay

RRP $480.99

This text is a descriptive grammar of the Jamul variety of Tiipay (also known as Jamul Diegueno), a Yuman language spoken in San Diego County, California. Its ten chapters cover the phonology of the language, lexical structure, derivational and inflectional morphology, clause structure, relative and nominalized complement clauses, clause combining (with particular attention to switch reference), and auxiliary constructions. Sample texts and a discussion of discourse are included.

Values, Payments And Institutions For Ecosystem Management

RRP $299.99

Using a selection of authoritative and original contributions, this timely book explores the uncertainty surrounding the impacts of decisions undertaken to manage ecosystem services worldwide. Invariably, the policies designed and implemented to manage forests, wetlands, and marine and costal environments often involve conflicts of interest between various stakeholders. This has added an additional layer of complexity in the context of developing countries where institutions and governance are weak or absent. Economic valuation and the subsequent design of innovative response tools such as payment for ecosystem services (PES) have the potential to offer far greater transparency. In the case of LDCs, the identification of suitable institutions for executing these tools is also of vital importance. With a strong policy focus, the contributors synthesise the scientific approaches to PES, valuation, trade-offs, equity and the institutional requirements to operationalize a credible concept of economic value. The book also addresses the behavioral foundations of creating the incentive design and response policies for ecosystem management. This book will appeal to ecological economics researchers and postgraduate students of conservation and development. Conservation managers, decision makers and development practitioners will also find this resource both interesting and instrumental to their work.

Click Me Happy!

RRP $18.99

Do you believe in love at first sight or first click? Do you think your life should be a romantic novel? Would you like to be able to choose the ending? If you've answered YES to any of these questions or feel intrigued by them, this novel offers you a unique opportunity. You can choose what kind of ending you want: unhappy, happy or neutral. Lilith, the protagonist, does not believe in all that 'romantic nonsense'. When her boss and friend, Debbie, asks her to create a digital books section for the library where they both work she triggers a series of events that shake all of Lilith's strongly held beliefs. Her dislike for social networking is put to the test and despite her love for privacy and technological naivete she manages to make a number of virtual connections. The most interesting one, without a question, is Zane, a talented and attractive author and painter. Their friendship quickly develops into something else. But, what exactly? Lilith doesn't have a clue. A bet with Rowena, her childhood best-friend, offers her an opportunity to test her feelings for Zane and their relationship and a meeting, 'real' this time, is organised in the gorgeous setting of Bermuda. At that point, you, the reader, have the choice. Do you want the story to end up happy ever after? Do you think there's no chance for them? Or maybe you believe that there has to be more to life than romantic stories and a neutral ending or new beginning is more true to life? You can pick and choose your ending, or you can read all of them and choose your favourite, or even create your own and let me know. I'd love to hear from you! (I leave you links to contact me at the end.) Don't be strangers!"

How To Avoid Paying Child Support

RRP $22.99


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