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Platform Papers 45: Paying The Piper

RRP $16.99

In 2008 arts strategist Cathy Hunt co-authored Platform Papers 15, A Sustainable Arts Sector: What will it take? In this paper she brings us new insights and findings. In 2013 the newly-elected Queensland Government made budget cuts across the public sector resulting in the loss of c.14,000 jobs. In the arts it was the method as much as the cuts that raised questions. Hunt uses the impact and its aftermath to look more widely at the state of the arts today, and considers a bigger issue facing the not for profit sector:how the public value artists and arts organizations, how they will be paid for and what impact the needed changes will make on the structures within which art is created and delivered?

Payback Is A Mutha

RRP $13.99

Brianna and Shan couldn't be more different. From her $1200 weave to her closetful of Prada and Chanel, Brianna believes that men were born lo bankroll her lifestyle. Shan likes to make her own money by working for a living at a men's prison--"and prefers Sean John Baby Phat and Fabu to Jimmy Choo. Still, despite appearances Shan and B are sisters where it counts--"or so they think. For B, lying is part of the hustle, and hustle is what gets her sex, clothes, cars--"pretty much whatever she wants. She couldn't care less who gets hurt along the way, as long as it isn't her. But it's one thing to hustle tricks and quite another to betray the one person who really cares. When one of B's schemes goes too far, blood is spilled--"and Shan is caught in the crossfire. Now, with friendship and lives on the line, Brianna's got one last chance lo change her ways--"or suffer the consequences.

Diary Of A Real Payne Book 1

RRP $11.99

Old Schoolhouse Magazine's Best Children's Book for 2013. True Story! . . . These pages from EJ Payne's diary will have you ROTFL as you witness her spunky personality and well-meant-but-often-misunderstood antics. You'll fall in love with this first release in the Diary of a Real Payne series as EJ records her thoughts and feelings about living in little old Spooner, Wisconsin (snooze!), eventually leaving her hometown to do big things when she's all grown up (oh glorious day!), and having to star in the role of lead angel in the Vine Street Christmas pageant (are you kidding me?). This colossal-fun series is overflowing with humor and memorable life lessons.

Watch for Book 2 - Church Camp Chaos in March 2014!

Prince Charming A Click Away

RRP $15.99

The book describes a woman's personal journey from a nasty break up to venturing into the world of online dating for the first time. A journey that ended in her finding and marrying her Mr Right and expecting her first child. The book also tells the tales of other women who have used online dating resulting in both good and bad outcomes. Each serves as a learning curve for all women who have been or are thinking about dating online.

The Astronomer Cecilia Payne-gaposchkin - A Short Biography

RRP $18.99

Maybe you have never heard of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin ; if not, now is your chance to find out about the interesting woman that had a huge impact on the world of science and advanced the cause of women. Her discovery that hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe was a fundamental breakthrough. She was one of the early astronomers to combine the power of physics and chemistry in order to unlock the mysteries of the stars. Born in Victorian England at a time when women were not encouraged to attend college, after graduation from Cambridge University, Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin came to America to study at Harvard College Observatory under Harlow Shapley. During her four decades at Harvard, she would rise through the ranks, starting as a graduate student and becoming the first female full professor at the prestigious school. During her long and productive career, she would travel the world hosting lectures on Astronomy and attending conferences. At the peak of her career, she was one of the world's foremost experts on variable stars. A dedicated wife, mother, and world class scholar, Cecilia broke the glass ceiling in the academic world and opened the door for women to advance in many different fields.
Spend some time with this distinguished astronomer and buy the book "The Astronomer Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin - A Short Biography."

30 Minute Book Series

Welcome to the sixth book in the 30 Minute Book Series. Each book in the series is fast paced, well written, accurate, and covers the story in as much detail as a short book allows. In less than an hour, you can read or listen to the book; it is a perfect companion for a lunch hour or a nice distraction for a train ride home from work.

About the Author

Doug West is a retired engineer, small business owner, and an experienced non-fiction writer with several books to his credit. His writing interests are general, with special expertise in science, biographies, numismatics, and "How To" topics. Doug has a Ph.D. in General Engineering from Oklahoma State University.


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