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Advances In Ecological Research, Volume 38

RRP $238.95

Litter Decomposition describes one of the most important processes in the biosphere - the decay of organic matter. It focuses on the decomposition process of foliar litter in the terrestrial systems of boreal and temperate forests due to the greater amount of data from those biomes. The availability of several long-term studies from these forest types allows a more in-depth approach to the later stages of decomposition and humus formation. Differences between the decay of woody matter and foliar litter is discussed in detail and a different pattern for decomposition is introduced.
While teachers and students in more general subjects will find the most basic information on decomposition processes in this book, scientists and graduate students working on decomposition processes will be entirely satisfied with the more detailed information and the overview of the latest publications on the topic as well as the methodological chapter where practical information on methods useful in decomposition studies can be found. Abundant data sets will serve as an excellent aid in teaching process and will be also of interest to researchers specializing in this field as no thorough database exists at the moment.
* Provides over 60 tables and 90 figures
* Offers a conceptual 3-step model describing the different steps of the decomposition process, demonstrating changes in the organic-chemical structure and nutrient contents
* Includes a synthesis of the current state of knowledge on foliar litter decomposition in natural systems
* Integrates more traditional knowledge on organic matter decomposition with current problems of environmental pollution, global change, etc.
* Details contemporary knowledge on organic matter decomposition

The Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

RRP $442.99

Are we alone in the universe? The search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) has been given fresh impetus in recent years following developments in space science which go beyond speculation. The evidence that many stars are accompanied by planets, the detection of organic material in the circumstellar disks of which planets are created, and claims regarding microfossils on Martian meteorites have all led to many new empirical searches. Against the background of these dramatic new developments in science,SETIcritically evalutes claims concerning the status of SETI as a genuine scientific research program and examines the attempts to establish contact with other intelligent life forms in the past thirty years. David Lamb also asseses competing theories on the origin of life on Earth, discoveries of ex-solar planets and proposals for space colonies as well as the technical and ethical issues bound up with them. Most importantly, he considers the benefits and drawbacks of communicationwith new life forms: how we should communicate and whether we should.

Encyclopedia Of Inorganic Chemistry 5vst

RRP $1.00

This 5-Volume-Set reflects the activity of the Editorial Board of the <i>Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry (EIC)</i> to add new topics and broaden the scope of the Encyclopedia.The first volume gives a survey on the physical methods used to characterize inorganic compounds and materials, the second volume added the hot area of inorganic nanomaterials, the third focused on computational methods used in inorganic, and especially in bioinorganic chemistry, the fourth volume added the dimension of radiochemistry and especially the fate of radionuclides in the environment and the fifth volume concentrated on inorganic chemistry as a basic science for the technological development of new fuel cells and batteries. <p> The 5-Volume-Set consists of the following volumes: <ul> <li> <div><a title="Information about this product: Applications of Physical Methods&#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; to Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry" href="">Applications of Physical Methods to Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry</a>&#160;</div> <li> <div><a title="Information about this product: Nanomaterials: Inorganic and &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; Bioinorganic Perspectives" href="">Nanomaterials: Inorganic and Bioinorganic Perspectives</a>&#160;</div> <li> <div><a title="Information about this product: Computational Inorganic and &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; Bioinorganic Chemistry" href="">Computational Inorganic and Bioinorganic Chemistry</a>&#160;</div> <li> <div><a title="Information about this product: Radionuclides in the &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; &#13;&#13; Environment" href="">Radionuclides in the Environment</a>&#160;</div> <li> <div><a href="">Energy Production and Storage : Inorganic Chemical Strategies for a Warming World</a></div> </ul> <p> These <i>EIC</i> Books are not available as o-Books and e-Books. However, the complete content of these EIC Books is an integral part of EIC online for further details visit the <i>Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry</i> on <b>Wiley Online Library</b>:

International And Foreign Legal Research

RRP $409.99

International and Foreign Legal Research: A Coursebook, second edition by Hoffman and Rumsey, now in a second edition, is designed for classes in foreign and international legal research. Topics covered in the book range from treaty research to chapters on particular subjects of international law. Coverage also includes chapters on researching foreign and comparative law as well as major international organizations, including the UN and the EU.


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